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Thomas Collector and Arthur Fans Member and Fan site 2



Season 18
Theme 1 is New Characters

Theme 4 - Humans

10. Grumpy Gordon
Gordon has been feeling ill lately and has to stay out of work. But he
decides to get out of the sheds and passes the coalyard where the foreman
needs an engine to push the trucks. Gordon decides not to do the job
properly and instead pushes the trucks into the coal. His driver decides
that he should rest for a week.

11. Shipwreck Salty
Thomas loves to listen to Salty's story about the time he pulled a ship to
safety. Today, a brand new ship is to set sail. But a technical fault leaves
the fishermen in danger. Thomas finds it hard to pull the ship but Salty's
old song and his help they are able to secure the ship.

12. Trouble at the Water Works
One Day, Duck goes to fill his water tanks. But the engine isn't working
properly and Duck forces a leak. Harvey arrives and notices the leak. His
driver tells the Fat Controller but the only character available is Diesel.
He arrives to help sort the problem but instead pushes too many trucks and
water comes flooding. Harvey soon gets to work and fixes the tank. The Fat
Controller then switches it on to circulate the water once more.

Theme 5 - Good vs. Evil

13. Thomas and the Countryside
Thomas is out exploring the beautiful countryside. But he soon hears that
two hunters are out shooting Bisen. This makes Thomas sad. Later he stops at
the Farmyard and notices a deer is eating the farmer's grass. Farmer McColl
is angry of an animal invading his territory and shoots the deer with his
shotgun. Thomas is very angry that humas are destroying the environment. He
tries to tell the Fat Controller. But Murdoch has a good way to stop the

14. Diesel Delight
A brand new Diesel named Daniel comes to work at the Big yards with James.
James notices that he manages to do things smoothly not like James. He is
given plenty of jobs and soon James is upset that he is scared of being
retired. James sulks through the country when he notices some sheep charging
towards him. But Daniel gets rid of them by blowing his horn. James is
grateful to have him round.

15. James's Triple Trouble
James is sent to the Cement Works to collect gravel for the trucks. However
Boco is standing in his way and James starts to get sick and tired of his
warnings. Eventually James goes into a danger zone where a big iron magnet
is held.

Theme 6 - Angry Engines

16. Fergus the Bully
Fergus has to go the Smelter yards. But he doesn't like it there when he
arrives he notices Arry and Bert. He is made a Middle Engine several times
and is ordered to help do Bert's work when Arry stands in the way of him.
Fergus loses it and pushes Arry towards the grabber. He then orders the
workmen to put him in the scrap yard. But Fergus is caught in the act by the
Fat Controller.

17. Sea, Sights and Sillyness
Holiday time is very busy on the Island of Sodor. So Bertie decides to give
lots of rides for children. The Fat Controller suggests practices with
trucks. But he hates the trucks and they start singing songs about him. They
nearly cause him an accident near the level crossing and eventually he
pushes a load in a different siding which leads to Bulstrode's carrier.

18. Topsy Turvy Percy
Cranky gets annoyed with Percy and deliberately drops some musical
instruments on the little green engine. Now Percy's funnel is bent and his
whistle sounds like a trumpet. He has to spend the next day in the repair.
Then there's disaster when Thomas is stuck on Bulgy's Bridge and no-one is
to help. Percy plucks up courage to assist.



These are my final episode ideas. They are for Season 20

1.Och aye, Jock
2.Fired up Frank
3.Mike and the Children
4.Marcos Saves the Day
5.Too Royal
6.Jim Joins In
7.Naughty Ned
8.Isabella's Knowledge
9.Popular Alfie
10.Arthur and the Grit
11.Murdoch and the seagulls
12.Fergus and Bulstrode
13.Peter Sam's pretty picture
14.Rusty's New Line
15.Ivo Hugh and the Monkeys
16.Terence and the Festival
17.George and the River
18.Tidy Andrew
19.Beautiful Waters
20.Boco's Emergency Service
21.Oliver's Wish
22.Duck and the Dam
23.Stepney's Musical Mayhem
24.Daisy and the Army
25.Guess who's Back

By the way, if you are confused by Sea, Sights and Sillyness, Gordon is the
main character.


Season 18

1)Karis & Amy
2)Henry's New Brakevan
3)Butch & Carl
4)George's Flattening Days Are Over
5)Spike & Spud
6)Terry The Tractor
7)Fergus At The Docks
8)Skarloey Goes Underground
9)Runaway Percy
10)Bulstrode's Last Chance
11)The Magnet Railway (Part 1)
12)The Big Engines Have Little Brothers!(Part 2)
13)Lady Stays On The Island
14)Conrad Comes To The Island
15)B.J & Bertrum
16)Alice & Victor
17)Connor Rolls Over
18)Fergus's Twin Brother
19)Convey The American Engine
20)Bulstrode Saves the Day
21)Toad's Trip With Spud
22)Cameron & Connor
23)Tiffany Bosses The Engines
24)Harold & Nigel
25)Rusty & Dusty
26)Salty & Long John

By Spencer1222

Season 22

James and the milk van
tenders and choaches
duncan in trouble
return of scruffy
snow once again
runaway duck
busting buffers
on the road
james and the leaves
bulstrode floats again
salty and the ghost ship
emily out of the fog
haunted shed
duncan and the dangerous line
a furity day for spencer part 1
murdoch and the clock tower part 2
gordon and the flowers
mavis and the rock slide
trouble for rhenaes
edward vs the snow
douglas on ice
diesels trick
thomas honey delivery
tobys big mistake 

Season by TrustThomas65

Here is the rest:
15-15: Emily and the Snowstorm
A huge blizzard has hit the island and all of the tracks are covered. Emily decides that she wants to run the snow blower train. So STH lets her. But along the way, she starts to slip and gets stuck. But that's not the end: The storm starts acting up again...
15-16: Edward and the Eggs
Some naughty children have put eggs on the tracks. And one day, while Edward is going through, he runs over them. The others make fun of him and call him 'egghead.' But when Gordon is taking the express, some children throw eggs at him, which cause him to de-rail. The engines then decide to take revenge...
15-17: Marty and the Circus Train
The circus is back in town! And Marty, the engine who pulls the circus train is so excited. After a few days, the circus is over and he is to leave. But he breaks down and Arthur gets to take the train. But after a few hours, he is tested but runs after Arthur, smashing into the back of the train. He then learns his lesson on patience.
15-18: The Old Gold Mine
Jane and Percy are taking coal cars to the coaling plant. But along the way, they take a wrong turn and end up in an old gold mine. But when they see all of the gold, they don't want to leave. STH finds out and decides to re-open the mine. But the mine isn't sturdy, and Fergus soon learns that...
15-19: Duke's Long Train
It's holiday time on the island. Duke likes taking people up the hills and back down again. But one day he ends up with an extrememly long train: 8 full coaches! He is doing well until he hits the hill. Then he starts to get ill, but pushes on. When he finishes, he is cheered and STH gives him a medal and a day off!
15-20: Fergus' New Friend
One day Fergus is taking some cargo to the smelters. But he is always lonely because he only sees Arry and Bert. The next night though, he is diverted onto the wrong line and gets scared. Then he sees a light ahead. He goes closer to find an ambulence named Lance. He is put back on the road and is good friends with Fergus.
15-21: Harvey and the Ship
Harvey likes the harbor. Then one day he is taking soem fruit to the docks to be put in the ships. But Cranky is so impatient that he accidentally grabs Harvey! Harvey is put on the ship but doesn't get taken away. STH is on the ship and stops it.
15-22: Sir Topham Hatt's Sickness
Sir Topham Hatt is on holiday. But, then he suddenly gets ill and has to be taken to the hospital. All of the engines are worried until Lady Hatt says that a replacement is coming.
15-23: The New Replacement
The replacement has finally arrived. But he is meaner than he looks. He yells at the engines and doesn't care the least for them. But the engines have nothing to do, so they live with it.
15-24: James and the Viaduct
The viaduct on the island is in need of repairs. James isn't told and as he is approaching the viaduct, part of it collapses and he almost falls. The engines blame this on the replacement.
15-25: Thomas and the Turntable
Thomas is using the turntable one morning. Then by sudden chance, it stalls. No one helps him, including the replacement. So Thomas is stuck until Lady Hatt saves him. He tells her of the replacement and she says she'll help...
15-26: Sir Topham Hatt Returns
The replacement is now at his worst. He is doing rude things and saying bad stuff. Then, the next day, Sir Topham Hatt returns and is better! He kicks out the replacement and fixes everything. The engines are glad to have him back.