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Scene 1: Overlooking brendam docks.

Narrator: it was a beautiful moonlit night on sodor, All the engines were at the
docks busy preparing trains for despatch. Henry was preparing his long
heavy train known to all as The Flying Kipper.

Scene 2: Henry with flying kipper.

Henry: I am tired of pulling this train, Every time I pull it something happens.

Narrator: (Flash Backs) This was true, all the times that Henry has pulled this long train he has always had an accident, It makes him feel really bad.

(Emily puffs in)

Emily: Hello Henry, nice night isn't it.
Henry: No not really, i always have accidents with this train. i wish just once it wouldn't happen at all.

Narrator: Just then emily had an idea.

Emily: I know (She said) I will help you pull the train.
Henry: You What! (He exclaimed) y-you want to help pull the train.
Emily: Yes, it will be a great experience for me.
Henry: Alright then. (He said happily)

Narrator: So Emily buffered up to Henry and the two engines set off with The Flying Kipper.

Scene 3: The Coastal Route.

Narrator: They were making good time and going at a steady pace along the line.

Emily: It's beautiful, the air is fresh and the view is perfect.
Henry: No problems today (He said)

Narrator: The two engines Whistled as they approched the junction to the Mainland.
The signal was green and the two engines steamed by with no problems.

Scene 4: The Mainland Harbour.

Narrator: When they arrived the men unloaded the vans of fish ready to transport to the shops and boats heading to other far away places.

Emily: Hometime (She called to Henry)
Henry: Peep Peep, Let's Go. (He Whislted)

Narrator: When the train unloaded, Emily and Henry set off back to Sodor. They had made it without no problems facing them.

Scene 5: The Disaster.

Narrator: It was foggy and the engines couldn't see infront of them. they had no idea what was ahed of them.

Emily: I can't see, where is the track!.
Henry: Wher are the rails (called Henry).
Henry's driver: There is the lighthouse (He said).

Narrator: Then the fog lifted to reveal what was ahead, a tidal pool had washed rocks onto the tracks. and the line lead down into a rocky pool.

Emily: "LOOK OUT"! (She called)

Narrator: Emily Braked hard but henry was still puffing to fast, Suddenly it happend!.

Emily: AAAAAAHHHHH.(Emily brakes hard).

Narrator: Emily hit the rocks and plunged into the rocky pool, Henry puffed off the rails onto the beach and the vans de-railed into emily forcing her further out into the pool.

Scene 6: The rescue begins.

Narrator: As soon as morning hit the island Emily and Henry were bought back to the rails and sent for repairs, he vans were sent for rebuilding and the line was closed till further notice.

TFC: The accident wasn't your faults, the railwaymen forgot to put a oil lamp to mark the dangerous section of line. but when you are fixed you will both have new coats of paint for all your hard work.

Narrator: Emily and Henry Were Delighted, and both smiled happily.

Scene 7: At the the sheds.

Emily: Well at least we made it there with the train. (She said)
Henry: Yes (He said) we did a good job too.

(Thomas arrives)

Thomas: you are both really useful engines, even though you couldn't see in the dark you still put your efforts into getting there.

Emily: Thank you Thomas (Said Emily).
Henry: We will tell you all about our Adventure (Said Henry).

Narrator: Emily and Henry, both tired but triumphant began telling thomas all about there adeventure by the sea. and even though they got rewarded for their efforts they never want to have another accident like that ever again.

The End.
Story By Thomas Collector



SCENE 1: The Mainlines

Narrator: It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor, All the engines were busy pulling passengers around sodor's beautiful coastal route towards the big station by the sea.

Scene 2: Tidmouth Sheds

Narrator: Emily The New Engine was getting ready for work, she is a beautiful green engine with large wheels and shiny brass dome.

Emily: Today is going to be a better day than the day before, (She said happily).

Narrator: And she steamed away to fetch her two gleaming coaches.

Scene 3: Knappford station.

When she arrived at the big station, all the passengers were boarding her lovely green coaches whcih she recived after she rescued Oliver from a near miss collision with Thomas.

Emily: Peep peep, Hurry up please (She said happily to the passengers).

Narrator; the guard blew his whistle and Emily was away, she felt very proud.

She never complained and was delighted to see lots of people on her travlels.

Scene 4: Thomas at the Junction.

Emily puffed along the coastal route towards the busy junction, it was splendid. People were on the beach and she whistled cheerfuly at everyone she saw along the way.

Emily: How wonderful to see so many happy tourists and villagers her (She tought to herself).

At the junction Thomas was takign on water.

Thomas: Hello Emily (He called).

Emily: Hello Thomas, lovely day isn't it.

Thomas: It sure is, and you look splendid (He called out).

Narrator: Emily blushed as she went on her way.

Scene 5: Gordon's hill

As Emily approached Gordon's hill she felt very strange, she began to climb but didn't mind. Then as she was halfway up her wheels started spinning and began loosing grip on the rails.

Emily: What's wrong with my wheels (She Thought).

Emily spun her wheels faster and faster till she shot up the hill and stopped at the top, Her driver examined her carefuly.

Driver: Your traction is going (He said to Emily), you will have to go carefully the rest of the way.

Emily: How could this happen, i have not been on this railway very long.

Then she remembered her rescue with Oliver that day he broke down on the crossing.

Emily: Oh no (She cried) What will i do now.

Scene 6: The station near town.

Emily Didn't know what to do anymore, so she continued on to the station. When she arrived The Fat Controller was waiting for her.

TFC: You do look glum (He said to Emily).

Emily: It's my traction sir, im loosing grip on the rails.

TFC:hmm, You will need a new set of tyres to sort out your problem (He said Sternly).

Emily tried not to think about it much, so she dropped the passengers off at the station and went to do some other work with Thomas and Arthur.

Scene 6: The Freight Yards.

Emily arrived to find Thomas and Arthur waiting for her.

Thomas: Cheer up Emily, You will have fun with us.

Arthur: Yes in deed (Agreed Arthur).

Emily soon forgot to be sad and began working with the other engines shunting trucks into different places.

Emily: This is the best day ever (She thought to herself).

Soon the important job was completed and the engines went to to their own work.

Scene 7: Oliver again

Emily chuffed away toward the mainstation to see Sir topham Hatt, but began wondering about her traction again. She puffed okay but was a bit nervous about it.

Emily: i hope i can make it home (She said sadly).

Just then she heard a whistle, (Peeeeeeeeeeeep).

Oliver: Great now i am in deep trouble (Oliver had gotten stuck on another crossing, but this time it was a larger one).

Oliver looked up, Henry was thundering down the line with Murdcoh coupled in front of him.

Oliver: HELP! I do not want to become a heap of scrap.( he shouted).

Emily thundered along till she found him on the crossing.

Emily: hold on, im coming to get you.

Oliver: Hurry!.

Murdoch looked forward and saw Oliver and Emily.

Murdoch: Clear the line quickly (He called to Emily).

Emily charged at Oliver, and Bumped him hard on the buffers. she took a deep breath and pushed as hard as she could.

Emily pushed and pushed till she felt Oliver move forward across the track.

Murdoch: You did it (peep peep pip).

Henry: That was a close shave.

Scene 8: The Yards.

Emily was upset, she tried to roll forward but she just slipped on the tracks. Murdoch and Henry Came to her aid.

Murdoch: You saved the day Emily.

Henry: yes you did. (They said) and you were brave doing it too.

Oliver: Im sorry about your traction Emily (said Oliver sadly).

Just then The Fat Controller arrived with a big smile on his face.

TFC: Well done Emily, You are a very special engine indeed.

Emily: Thank you sir, but i have lost my traction now i am useless to help the other engines.

TFC: Oh , well we better get you fixed up (he said cheerfuly).

The Fat Controller awarded Emily With 2 new tractin tyres for saving Oliver again.

Now she is very happy and is a little faster than she was before, let's hope Oliver doesn't brake down again.

The End.

Heres the  script for bulstrode floats again
"Bulstrode floats again"
Narrator: The engines on the island of sodor were very busy over the last few months loading and unloading specails at the docks.This made Cranky very Cranky.
Cranky:Hurry up Duck
Narrator:Said Cranky one day
Cranky:I dont have all day
Duck: it's not my falut this is taking forever its yours
Cranky:You know a ship wolud be eaiser just load the ship and it delivers it no bother no waiting
Narrator:Duck became furious with Cranky he diecided to talk to Sir thompham hatt
Sir thompham Hatt:Well Cranky's right... sort of a ship would be eaiser I'll see if i colud find one
Narrator:Sir thompham hatt soon found out that there where only one ship aviable and that was bulstrode Duck took sir thompham hatt to see bulstrode who was a playplace for several years. bulstrode felt misreable
Sir thompham Hatt:Bulstrode we need your help at the docks ill let you back at sea if you promise no complaining moanig confusion and delay
Bulstrode:I Promise...
Narrator:Duck had to push bulstrode all the way to brendam docks
Duck:I hope Bulstrode will be good as his word?
Narrator:And he was he delivered things and always came back for more everybody was happy except for a small boy he missed bulstrode thomas saw him one day and asked whats wrong?
Small Boy:I missed Bulstrode it was very fun acting like a ships captian and im going to miss that
Thomas:Why dont you find bulstrode and sneak into him one night
Small boy:What a great idea
Narrator:Thomas Got worried the small boy didnt realize thomas was joking! the small boy sneak into bulstrode and stayed there for the night
Narrator:But the next morning the dock foreman found The Small boy in bulstrode when sir thompham hatt found out he started renavations on bulstrode right away
when the renavations were done he spoke to bulstrode
Sir thompham hatt: After all the thinking if diecided to turn you into a ship that gives sea rides to children
Bulstrode:I'll Do it as long as im not on the beach
Sir thompham hatt:Then its setelled youll start tommorow
Narrator:And Bulstrode felt very happy
The  end!
By TrustThomas65

More stories coming soon.